They Call Him The Karatbars GOLD KING Of Nigeria!

6 September 2015

A Team Of Leaders Helping Leaders Become Better Leaders!

Some of you call him the Kararbars GOLD King of Nigeria, and some of you call him the Big Boss. Here in Des Moines, we call him our Michael Jordan! But know this, he is very humbled by these acts of kindness we show to him, but make no mistake about it, this young man is Very Happy being referred to as Rashard, a Servant Leader to us all.

I am L Basheer (LB) Hasan, and I have been on this Karatbars journey since July 27, 2013. Just like you, I was introduced to Karatbars from someone on the other side of the Planet. In my case, it was my friend, Lourens Haasbroek, who lives in South Africa.

I worked, alone, for 8 weeks in my town before my Dr. and friend of 20 years, Dr. Kevin More, said he had done his due diligence, and let’s do this.

On Sunday,September 29th, we had our first meeting at his wife’s son’s, Rashard, house, and it was not pretty. His wife was in her third trimester, and neither of them wanted to hear anything about Karatbars. His attitude was sooo bad, that before I walked out of his door, I turned, and put my hands on his shoulders and said, “I love you like a brother, but you are WRONG!” And I walked out. The rest is history. So there is hope for skeptics, lol.

The Race For Leadership!

In the words of the late great Dr. Miles Munroe, “leadership is not a sprint, but a marathan Relay race. Good leaders employ others, but Great leaders deploy themselves and others. The greatest obligation of true leadership is to transfer your deposit to the next generation. Leadership success is measured by the success of your successor. Success without a successor is failure. The most important part of a relay is passing the baton.” When done successfully everybody wins.

I have passed the baton. Now it is your turn.

Rashard is one of the Greatest young leaders in the world of Karatbars. Learn all you can from him, so you, too, can blossom into a Great leader. What started with a mother and her two daughters in the U.S. and one in Nigeria, has multiplied many times over. We added over 600 members to or organization last month, alone. Thanks to your awesome work the Karatbars Fire is burning in Lagos, Abuja, Owerri and Port Harcourt.

The Measure Of True Leadership!

In the words of the late great Dr. Miles Munroe,”
1.The ultimate goal of true leadership is not to maintain followers, but to produce leaders.
2.True leadership measure it’s success by the diminishing dependency factor of it’s followers.
3.Matt 17:17 “How long must I continue with you?”
4.The ultimate measure of true leadership is the ability to leave.
5.True leadership makes itself increasingly unnecessary.
6.You are successful leaders when your followers can lead others.


1.The first act of a true leader is to identify your replacement, and begin mentoring them.
2.You become great by producing people greater than yourself.
3.Legacy is not about the leader. It’s about the leaders.
4.Don’t be afraid of people being greater than you. Produce them.
5. Jesus said, “ It is better for you that I go away, because if I go not away, you will not do greater works."
6.If you hold people down, you gotta stay with them to keep them down, so you don’t progress.
7.When you train your replacement, you are free to expand your work.”

"If You Don’t Know, Now You Know. We’re Saving In GOLD. Let’s Get It!"

The Entire Karatbars World is applauding your success, Team Nigeria. And we will continue to stay in touch to assist you in taking the Karatbars Message to all of your countrymen. And we can’t wait to meet you face to face at our next Freedom Celebration this Fall in Las Angles. So, please make plans, now, to come.

And on behalf of our Founder, Mr. Seiz, my business partner, Dr. Moore, myself, Cherylanne, Tammy, and our World-wide Karatbars family, we are watching and cheering for the History Making Actions you are taking with our business partner, Rashard! We salute you Team Nigeria!

To your success,

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