Gestoria (R) Ltd. video from the EXPO Ground of the 16th International Trade Fair in Kigali

Improving Business Practices

Well, it's hard to compare Rwanda with the world but this time it was inevitable. The world in 2012 had a GDP of 3.2pc with a decrease from 3.9pc in 2011. In 2013 and 2014; the global GDP is expected to increase to 3.3pc and 4.0pc respectively (Data from the World Economic Outlook-WEO). So, let's look at Rwanda: Real GDP growth was in 2012 7.5pc, 9.9pc & 7.3pc in Quarter 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Inflation decelerated to 3.9pc from 8.3pc in 2011. The financial sector got profits amounting to 7 billion francs in 2012 (excluding private sector pension schemes)! So, from those numbers, you can see that Rwanda is doing better despite the global financial crisis!!! In this 16th International Trade Fair, a number of companies participated; some local and others international. Amongst the countries that participated, there is Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Syria, Iran, India, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Belgium, Zambia, Mauritius, Sudan, Swaziland and Madagascar. In total, more than 195 companies and institutions attended this EXPO.

Professional Results

Right at the closing ceremony, some people were asking themselves questions like 'So, after the EXPO, what's next'? Others saying 'But it was short lived'! All these are mixed feelings people got when this year's international trade fair finished. However, a number of companies especially the foreign ones got an extraordinary exposure while at the EXPO. Some of these don't even have branches or representatives in Rwanda but you could see how happy their exhibitors were while showing their products to the customers.The 16th Rwanda International Trade Fair 2013 was held from 24th July to 7th August 2013 at Gikondo Expo Ground, Kigali , Rwanda. According to the Prime Minister Dr. Damien Habumuremyi, the trade fair will greatly impact the SMEs and manufacturing sectors. This was an opportunity for local companies to market Rwanda abroad while the foreigners also made their products known to the local public. Some of these even promised to stay in contact with their clients via the internet and other media means. The souvenirs from this trade fair will stay in the minds of many until next year when another 15 days EXPO will happen.

Jean Claude Rwubahuka
Gestoria (R) Ltd.

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